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Originally Posted by SirHaxALot
Plus, all of this reasoning walled behind Speculation, not hard-core evidence.
True. I have never said otherwise. The game gives us no hard evidence to base this on, that's why I've consistently called my speculation a theory - because there is no hard evidence... save one.

We KNOW that there is a connection between exile and Nihilus from what the masters tell us. They felt the same from Nihilus' attack on Katarr as they did when they judged the exile. That's a fact. They are even so certain of it, that they believe the exile taught this ability to the Sith (meaning Nihilus), or that the Sith (Nihilus) learned it from the exile. Those are the facts.The rest is speculation.

I could be wrong about it all, but there IS a connection between the exile and Nihilus. They are not entirely separate beings with no ties to each other.

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