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Dark had woken up inside a metal room. He immediately started to pound at the walls.

He bacame so frustrated with losing a fight, something woke up inside of him. A strange liquid burst out of him and formed a mask on his face. He started to glow a dark Red and his eyes started to become freaky lookin.

"No, I don't need your help. I will never need your help!" yelled Dark as he tried to rip the mask off.

The mask fully formed and Dark's voice became different. Like two people talking at once. Dark placed his hand on the wallof the room and it suddenly blew open with the force of an army of bazookas.

He started to move his way into the throne room, taking out high class level guards so quickly, noboduy even saw him do anything but walk toward them.

He burst into the room and heard what Darth had said about what the villians would've done.

"Protection is no excuse for betrayil!" screamed Dark.

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