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Davinq was just warming up, but the Elites chasing him were already tiring, and fast.

Best put them out of their misery Davinq thought, eager to get to this fortress in the sky to confront whatever evils were there... and to save his fellow superheroes.

Clenching his fists, which slowly started glowing a strange white, silver, and cyan glow, which grew bigger, and louder, the sizzles apparent even over the din created by high winds in the sky... and BOOM.

Davinq had just unleashed a sonic shockblast at the nearest Elite, or now, nearest Elite's remains, plummeting down to the city below.

Unleashing blast after blast of sonic energy, Davinq made quick work of the remaining Elites. Moments later, he was alone in the clouds again. Jumping from cloud to cloud, Davinq made his way to the fortress.

[Inside the fortress]
Number 237 was bored. He had been ordered to watch over the kitchen workers, to make sure they didn't escape. Leaning against a window, he risked a brief glance outside. To his utmost shock, he saw a blonde-haired teenager blowing holes in the entry gate!

Bursting out of the kitchen, Number 237 rushed to inform his superiors of the intruder.

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