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Mod Idea

Here is a mod i thought of a couple minuets ago.

This is a simple mod for looks. There is no alltering in the power of the ships just the looks of the squadron.

Installation: First loacte in the Xml Files The File called Squadron.Xml.
After you locate this find whatever squadron you want to allter.
Then you simply change the coding from

<Squadron Name="Rebel_X-Wing_Squadron">
<Squadron_Units>X-Wing, X-Wing</Squadron_Units>
<Squadron_Units>X-Wing, X-Wing</Squadron_Units>


<Squadron_Units>X-Wing, X-Wing</Squadron_Units>
<Squadron_Units>Y-Wing, Y-Wing</Squadron_Units>

Or whatever combonation you want. The only problem is that if you add a Y-Wing to a squadron it will slow the over all speed of the squadron down so then i just changed the speed of the Y-Wing squadron to a higher number. Also this doesnt allow you to use the Speciltys of all of the ships it just is for show.

Anybody can use this in there own mod but contact me first for any ideas before you do.


Thanks, Cody Rockwell.
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