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^ I doubt it. :P

Number 237 ran into the chamber currently containing Avery and Zelda. Breathless, he stutters a bunch of mumble-jumble.

"lookoutheresakidouthereandithinkhewantsinwhatshou ldidomistress?"

"Whoa. Just slow down there kiddo," Avery said. "I got something about there being some punk outside, but rephrase and be specific."

"Well, there's someone outside mistress," Number 237 began, "And he's got some sort of blueish energy blasts coming out of his hands, and he's blowing the gate to cinders. Do you think we should do something about this?"

"Most certainly," Avery replied. "Number 237, I hereby authorize you all means necessary to detain this next in a series of heroes, for purposes that are my own. Clear?"

"MA'AM YES MA'AM!" Number 237 cried, and dashing off, he called into his walkie-talkie. "Regiments, this is 237. I've got a whisky tango foxtrot going on at the front gate. Some teapot trampoline response is requested, immediately.


Davinq had finally blown a hole in the gate that was large enough for him to slip through. Doing so, he crawls through, and is immediately surrounded by no less than 100 enemies, all armed to the teeth and looking quite unfriendly.

"Hehe... hi guys."

Grunts, some snarls. Then one of them shrieked, "FIRE!"

Shooting. Lots of it. Then came the smoke. And the burning sensation in Dav's toe. But that didn't matter. What mattered was that there were now not just people firing at him from all directions, but there were ninjas jumping from the ceiling and attacking him. Oh well. They would provide good cover from the gunshots.

The first ninja swiped his katana at Dav's neck, but he ducked and swung his leg around, sweeping the ninja's feet out from under him, and then grabbing the katana as he fell.

With a deft display of supreme swordsmanship, Davinq cut a bloody swathe through the gunmen, being closely followed by the ninjas, who were now only five, cartwheeling and flipping through the crowd. Two of them made strikes at Dav's feet, but he jumped above them, high above them, and flipped, coming crashing down.

The katana in his hand was glowing a blueish silver...

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