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((You remind me sooooo much of Jacen Solo w/ your character Ave, good work!))

Meanwhile, Davinq was licking his wounds amongst the corpses of his 106 foes, who now lay dead. Yes, they were dead. Yes, the sword smash against the floor, fully charged with sonic energy was fatal...

Getting up, Davinq made his way to the nearest set of stairs - with a sign pointing to it and saying "Chamber where evil leaders tend to congregate" - and promptly sprinted up.

Suddenly, it got very dark. Davinq realized that there must be either no lights at the top, or there was a trapdoor at the top. Hitting his head on something, he decided on the trapdoor option. Clenching his fists, a blue glow iluminated the area.


Avery and Zelda were continuing a rather peaceful conversation about Dark's blood bug, when a blue beam of light shot out from the floor, and Davinq shot out.

"Where's the fire?" he asked casually.

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