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As Dark was being taken away, the mask started to grow and encase more of his face.

"Let me go." said Dark in a calm voice.

"Sorry, but you gotta get brainwashed." said the guard to his left.

Dark suddenly disappeared in a wisp of smoke.

Somewhere back in the city.

'Thanks alot OCD man." said Dark as the mask retreated and vanished.

"No problem. uhthere's a stain on your clothes, let me wash that out for you" said OCD Man.

"Dude, no touchy."

"Sorry sir."

Later that day.

"So, this is team disease" said Dark around 7 people being lead by Cancerman.

"Ok, here's my plan. We must defend the city from the oncoming army." said Dark.

"But what about Darth?" asked Glaucoma boy.

"She's, right now, of no importance." said Dark as he and the disease crew all got on an RV to go across the country in search of more heroes.


"Woo Hoo! I'm out of that dump!" said a man in a tophat and a ringleader suit.

Behind him lies a destroyed lab.

"Now, time to go find that team of heroes everyone's talking about and give them my talents."

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