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The Doctor's face cracked into a wide grin as the woman came down towards them. "Amazing..." he muttered, reaching out a hand. "Simply fantastic!"

Raquel frowned at the Doctor's back. "That's my word," she muttered.

He ignored her, starring intently at the woman who had greeted them. "It's wonderful to finally meet you, Miss Starr," he said, shaking her hand vigorously.

Kira blinked at this strange man, her arm limp as he shook it so violently she felt that it was in danger of falling off.

"Er... nice... to meet you too... I suppose..." she said, pulling her hand back and rubbing her fingers, "Who exactly are you?"

"I'm called the Doctor," he answered. "And this is Miss, uh..."

"Annerire," Raquel filled in. "Raquel Annerire. Sorry about... him. He's a little..." She gestured with a hand to indicate the Doctor was crazy. Shrugging, she went on. "I've seen you in passing once or twice, Ms. Starr. You leave quite the trail behind."

Annerire... She recognized that name.

"You leave quite a trail yourself," the Exile answered, her eyes growing slightly sharper, "Angel of Death."

"I admit the title has been applied on occasion," Raquel agreed. "But don't believe all the stories."

The Doctor wasn't paying attention. He had dropped off the docking ramp and was admiring the underbelly of the Ebon Hawk. "Amazing!" he remarked incredulously. "Simply amazing! Looks just like the history books - Miss Starr, I don't s'pose we could come aboard for a bit? Take a look inside?"

"What I wouldn't give for a very strong drink right about now..." Raquel muttered. "Doctor, do you know anything about rules of conduct when interacting with new people?" she asked, as he leapt up onto the docking ramp again. She glanced apologetically at Kira, who was eying the Doctor oddly.

The Doctor shrugged. "Doesn't really matter - must be off anyway." He turned to Kira. "Apologies for disturbing you, Miss Starr. I see that now is not the best time for us to drop by. Perhaps we'll meet again soon."

"Erm.... right. Yeah." She blinked, totally bewildered by this strange man. "Very well."

Raquel hesitated, looking from Kira to the Doctor and back. "I'm sorry..." she finally told Kira. "I-I've got to go with him." She smiled in way of goodbye as Kira blinked, but before she could say another word, they were both gone.

The Doctor kept his back turned to the ship as Raquel caught up with him. "You're not coming with me, are you?" he asked.

"Sure I am," Raquel answered, a false cheerfulness in her voice. "Besides, in the way of payback... you asked for it." She grinned. "Or don't you remember?"

He shrugged. "Usually people don't take to me so quickly. If you want to come along, that's fine. But I should warn you..."

They had reached his blue box, and he was in the process of opening the lock. "You're going to see all sorts of things. Ghosts from the past... Marvels from the future..." He managed to get the door open, and stepped inside, still not looking at her. "It won't be safe, it won't be quiet, and it won't be calm. But I'll tell you what it will be..." He turned to face her, a small smile spreading across his face. "It'll be the trip of a lifetime!"

"Would you cut the promotional and get us going?" Raquel laughed. "Already said I was coming, didn't I?"

The Doctor beamed. "Right," he said, dashing to the console in the center of the room and flicking switches. "Sorry to rush you away from a historical figure like Kira Starr, but this is important. The TARDIS was calling to me, telling me to come back. It doesn't do that simply when it gets lonely. Something's wrong. Something big."

"It's fine. Historical figures are always better in history books anyway," she quipped. "A TARDIS in trouble? Now that's something not worth missing."

The Doctor didn't seem to be listening. He was leaning over the console, staring at a small screen roughly built in to the central column. It was flashing through a series of odd symbols and rotating figures. His bright blue eyes scanned the controls, and his face grew dark.

"What is it?" she asked.

He looked up at her. "Oh, Raquel... And to think, I was already planning our first outing. London, 2005. Earth - great planet. S'where humans came from. You'd have loved it."

"Alright... Why can't we go?"

He shook his head. "Got work to do first. There's a temporal rift forming in this galaxy, and it's getting bigger by the second. I thought I'd put them right before I crashed, but I guess I missed one."


He gestured helplessly with his hands. "A sort of a... a ripple, in space time. The fabric of existence is like a huge piece of cloth. The cloth is supposed to stay flat - but a good stiff breeze'll send it rippling all over. The Time War was like a hurricane. The entire fabric of space-time was tossed about, constantly changing. But now the storm's over, and it's time to iron out the wrinkles to make it flat again."

Raquel frowned. "That kind of tossing... so much must be very different from what it was..."

He nodded. "But the TARDIS can't repair all the damage itself - that's this thing, by the way," he added, indicating the ship around them. "Time and Relative Dimension in Space." He sighed. "I can't fix it all from here. I'll have to repair some of the damage manually. And it looks like one problem stems right from where we just came from."

"Fantastic," Raquel muttered. "So we're going back?" She rolled her eyes. "The Exile must think we're insane already... just think of how she'll feel when we pop up again..."

He sighed, nodding. "I don't have a choice. We'll have to intrude on her hospitality for a little while. Hope she won't mind."

He flicked another few switches, and pulled at a small, crude-looking air pump on the console in front of him. He gave it a few strong pumps before smacking down a final lever.

The ship lurched, and the column in the center of the console began to rise and fall methodically, matching with the the grinding noise that had filled the streets when he had arrived. He flew around the console, grabbing levers and flicking switches as he went. Over the din of the ship, he hollered over to her.

"Hang on!"

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