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Originally Posted by Master Dakari
I've been thinking... something might also be said about how quickly Visas joined the Exile after being defeated and spared. Sure, she was granted mercy and obviously was very grateful for that, but it is strange that though she is a Sith Apprentice she would so quickly turn her back on her master and apprentice herself to a Jedi.

Has anyone else thought the same thing?
She really didn't make the choice to become a Sith Apprentice.

What happened is, Nihilus "showed" her the universe for what it really was. After this, she wished to die. Nihilus convinced her to join his cause and she fell in line with him, becoming apprentice and more notably, a servant.

Eventually, when she tracked down the Exile, and dueled her on the Ebon Hawk--Visas was defeated. This defeat proved to Visas, that perhaps there is strength enough in the universe to defeat Nihilus. Perhaps, the universe is not as Nihilus showed her.

Also, at first she wanted revenge, for what Nihilus did to her species, her homeplanet, and her herself. Eventually, she comes to terms with the past and following the light-side path--comes to terms and accepts an inner-peace.

Those are her reasons for joining.

Of course, taking on the double-meaning that is saturated within this game's dialogue, you could postulate that all of this "hope" stems from the fact that she drew a connection between the Exile and Nihilus.

Of course, as previous posts pointed out: She was unable to distinguish connections amongst the Exile and the rest of the party (or so we think, as such dialogue did not exist that). Which disproved my suggestion that Visas may have recognized a connection between the Exile and Nihilus.
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