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Originally Posted by The Architect
There is one thing Iíve been wondering about this theory of yours Jediphile. If Darth Nihilus was a dark manifestation of the Exile (or in other words, the dark side the Exile rejected at Malachor V), how come you can fall to the dark side in TSL? Shouldnít it be impossible for the Exile to do, since that dark side of his/her self isnít in him/her? Or is this just a massive misconstrue on my part?
I suppose this argument can be completely voided by the fact that canon Exile is light-side.

Besides, the exile split from the dark-side during her time as a Jedi at Malachor V, according to Jedphile's theory. The Exile later regains her force connection, which again would allow for a new chance to pursue the path of light or follow the path of dark.

I don't agree with his theory, but in accordance to it, I believe he would argue something along those lines...
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