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"Alright, so Operation Knightfall is compleatly understood Keen?"
"Yes my lady." Said Commander Keen, a high ranking general "I'll ready the ships."
"Good, good. Make sure you have a lot of power on the cannons, and tell us when your ready to go up. If this city's going down, I'm not going with it. Meanwhile, go get the army, split them in half. The more useless ones, put on the overlooking hill behind that fence with the trees and stuff, and move the artillary up there too, we need a prebombardment with cannons and stuff. We're pulling a more modernized Little Round Top, if you will."
"Good idea." Said her new assistant, Robert. "Any more?"
"Yeah, the other half will go with Commander Keen to ready the ships. I'm gonna keep my good men alive when this city goes down in a few hours."
"Are you sure this is a good idea?"
"Posative, anything in video games has to work in real life." Ave said, "Now, ready my outfit."
"COMMANDER AVERY!!" Yelled Derek running down the hall "Zelda....she's escaped."
"I TOLD YOU NO WINDOWS! now, I'm putting you in sharge of the bregades and artillary on the hill, meet them there while we prepair Operation Knightfall."
"Yes my lady!" He ran off.
"You're killing him too??" Robert asked.
"Nobody said I liked him in the first place."
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