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"There are three useful heroes in Boston. One's an average guy who can make 100 copies of himself, each with strange abilities. Another's similar to Spiderman. The last one is a healing regenerator." said Dark.

They continued to jet off. Dark took out the piece of paper he got from magneto. He read it and the strange man in a tophat appeared on the jet.

"You called?" said UrieMan.

"well, this is what Netstark labs has been working on for 12 years. Tell, me what can you do, UrieMan?"

UrieMan closed his eyes and opened them. They were pure white after he opened them. He then took a took out a sphere of steel out of his pocket. After holding it in his hands it disintegrated.

"I Remove things. So long I can touch it." said UrieMan.

"Very good. You'll be a huge help." said Da4rk as they continued to jet.

"Oh, and Hi Zelda."

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