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You should ask yourself why you rely so much on reviews. And Gamespot reviews are respectable to you? Amazing!

I think its a good game, but obviously if you are only into the incoherent fun, and have no interest in science fiction then it's not for you. I recently found an interesting way to describe The Dig. It's like LOST, but in an alien world (still in an island) and instead of 40 people, there is just 3 which helps a lot to boost the sense of insecurity.

And on the other's a bit absurd to say a game (or a movie, or a band) is over hyped by fans....becasuse...that's what fans are all about!!

So as I always say, the most logical thing to do, is simply play it and draw you own conclusions. Remember, not even Monkey Island had that excellent reviews on "professional" gaming press.

Throwing elegance out the window, let me say this... game reviewers (specially the ones who get paid and work for "professional" media) are a bunch of losers. And I know... there are a few of them who are respectable and understand the game design process. But most of them are just ...gamers, and even in the best cases, they are gamers who studied journalism.

In this case, I trust more on the word of an innocent kid who played the game and got fascinated by it, than the word of a fat bastard grown up who hates himself.

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