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I think that to see this kind of observation as a lesson, reduces it to the kind of moral lessons the Grimm Brothers included in some of their tales.

Another "lesson" could be...DRUGS ARE BAD, DON'T DRUG YOURSELF OR YOU'LL END UP LIKE CRAZY BRINK RUNNING AROUND WITHOUT HAND. A bit dull if you see it that way isn't it? It's far more interesting looking at their behaviors. Life is by nature, a survivor, so it's no surprise that a discovery to avoid death would be so atractive.
For me those kind of observations are more appealing, and show you a wider picture of things. Life isn't black or white (right or wrong), so even after you think you've learned a lesson... I doubt you would so easily say "oh, we can now live in another dimension forever... but we shouldn't because death is good". And I think the story for the game is aiming for more sustantial subjects, like... even civilizations so different, no matter how advanced their are technologically ...make the same mistakes as we humans do.

Or...looking at this advanced technololgy they have... they still live in quite a primitve place. Perhaps their superior intelligence, pointed them that simplicity is logical. And all that sor of stuff, that aren't necesarilly life lessons, but nevertheless very interesting things to absorb and think about.

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