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Originally Posted by Splatah King
All it would do is make all of the squadrons be the same speed. I do know that when i applied the change i didnt loose any bomber in the fight. Also i only changed it from 1.4 to 3.6 this is about the same speed as a tartan.
Hmmm, there'd be a definite need to give something back to balance that out. Maybe drop the health of all the units in the "custom squadron" by 30-50%...that'd be fair.

Originally Posted by Splatah King
Sorry for double posting but another idea for a mod i just had was making an ultimate squadron/fleet by putting in say a two assault frigates and a calamari cruiser. I just wont do this to my game because that is to much for me to think about adding more units to a squadron and then making them not be inside one another.
The U.S. Navy calls that a "battle group" - an aircraft carrier plus a few cruisers, destroyers, frigates, subs and support ships, all treated (at the strategic level) as one "unit". Seems like a good idea for this game as well. Although you'd have to determine a "line in the sand" with which to protect the player's ability to still create their own complete battle groups. What you're describing is like offering "mini battle groups" of just the core units. Cost and pop value for such a "combo unit" would have to be jacked up accordingly, but I think it'd give something very convenient to the player. It'd benefit beginning-level players who either don't want to worry about - or don't KNOW to worry about - how to put together a core fleet, and more experienced players with the convenience point.

I wonder what other peoples' opinions would be...?
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