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Originally Posted by tk102
What exactly is the symptom? Does it give an error message like "Attempted to read past the end of dialog.tlk" or something similar? Does it close instantly?

Take a look at this thread first.

You can get a lot more information about what exactly is causing KSE to crash if you follow the steps under the "Troubleshooting Other Problems" header at the bottom of that thread.
Thanks for your interest, tk102.

I took a look at the topic you mentioned. The editor doesn't give me such an error message; it's just Windows' usual error report. It occurs whenever I put a modified spells.2da file into the Override folder. When I remove the file, things return to normal. For example, after installing the Ultimate Sound Mod, I had to delete the spells.2da file from override in order to get KSE up and running. The mod seems to be running with no problems after removing that file, so I don't have an actual trouble with it at the moment, but I wanted to let you know about the problem in case you may encounter a similar problem in the future.
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