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I need help!!!!

Hello im new here. i come from germany and i have a problem. when i go in the game and start a new game came the follow message:
Server: yavin1
Loading shader text .....
..... 3391 shader definitions loaded
------ Server Initialization ------
JA: v1.0.1.0 win-x86 Oct 24 2003
Server: yavin1
------- Game Initialization -------
gamename: base
gamedate: Oct 24 2003
Corrupt JPEG data: premature end of data segment
----- CL_Shutdown -----
Shutting down OpenGL subsystem
...wglMakeCurrent( NULL, NULL ): success
...deleting GL context: success
...releasing DC: success
...destroying window
...resetting display
...shutting down QGL
...unloading OpenGL DLL
Unsupported marker type 0xf1

i hope for an answer
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