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Originally Posted by Balderdash
Writing and animation and some other design aspects could be considered art forms; not fine art, but art forms. But a game itself is not a work of art. Not all that entertains is art.
In Shakespeare's time, seeing one of his plays was considered less artistic than seeing an Arnold movie is today. In fact, it was considered only one step above visiting a brothel...

Sorry, I don't mean to be vulgar, but that is actually quite true.

So what does that tell us about art, when Shakespeare's work is considered timeless classics today - and frequently classics at that, which are "only for the educated" and not "for the masses" (IMHO, the "masses" don't know what they're missing...) ??

Another example, H.R. Giger is an absolutely brilliant swiss painter. Some of his work is truly haunting and incredible at the same time, if you ask me - just so you know you have been warned before you click this link:

Yet Giger also worked on movies, because he, by his own statements, he finds that movies were more important than the paintings in the 20th century (and I think that goes for the 21st century as well). His work on movies has had profound impact, I would say, given that he designed the Alien in the movie of the same name -

What does this tell us? Is it an indication that we are unwilling to accept new ways of expression in our society simply because they appeal to the masses and so must be "low cultured"?

The comic book has struggled for decades to gain any sort of recognition. Only in recent years has the work of people like Alan Moore ("V for Vendetta", "League of Extraordinary Gentlemen", "Watchmen", "Batman: The Killing Joke"), Neil Gaiman ("Sandman") Frank Miller ("Sin City", "Give Me Liberty", "The Dark Knight Returns") and others begun to win some critical acclaim as works of art. Will Carl Barks be hailed as a great artist of the 20th century in 50 or 100 years, for example, for his classic artwork on Donald Duck and other comic strips for Disney? His work is actually as widely read as Shakespeare's...

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