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We gave a percent of completion for the minimod to the members on our forums.

Update: My Friends Called me Roger
As much as I'd like to have a link to the minimod for you right now, I can't say that I do. We are very, very close to completion, which brings up this next point.

We are currently short of our beta tester needs. This is due to the dissappearances of Videoteck, SWLovr and DragonShadow. Also, InsaneGolfer recently joined the team as a coder, so congrats to him, as well as the rest of the team's condolences. Therefore, we will again be searching for one more beta tester, though we will not be picking right away.

We also have a few more pictures for you.
We start off with Commander Cody, a Republic hero.

This was modelled by Dr. Nick

Next comes the B-1 Battle droid, also modelled byDr. Nick.

And finally, the CIS scout bike, the STAP, again modelled by Dr. Nick (don't worry, there will be a droid on it).

We have recieved some complaints that we seem to be focusing only on Fall of the Republic (AKA R3). This is not true. Dr. Nick is mainly focusing on the Fall of the Republic, though he is modelling some Imperial Civil War (AKA R2) and Empire of the Hand (AKA R1). Meanwhile, I am focusing mainly on Empire of the Hand, specifically the... Empire of the Hand, actually. RedCommodore should be returning to the team before the 20th and helping me finish off the R1 models.

For those who haven't heard, we are adding another release. This release contains.... wait and see . However, I will tell you that it contains three playable factions and Admirals already know what it is, and what they are. Don't worry, this will not interfere at all with the development of Empire of the Hand, Imperial civil war, and Fall of the Republic though it will tie up some loose ends and expand on R1-3 material.

Lastly, exactly one month from today the mod will have it's first birthday, so check the forums for that.

Happy 11 months and counting,
The Thrawn's Revenge Team
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