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Originally Posted by Ambrose
Can we get rid of the ads with ridiculously scantily clad (or sometimes not even clad at all, just turned the other way) women please? There are 13 year olds on this website... and 16 year olds such as myself who'd prefer that my attention could be kept on the forums and not the hormone-induced interest in a hot lady on a banner to my right.
Regadless about what you hear,'s owners do have the last say about the advertising. Since they own the site, they also have the rights to pull ads that are not appropriate.

When it comes to the owners' ethics, I do not think anyone can speak for them. LucasForums needs the advertising to pay the bills. LucasForums is free to do whatever they want, and the guests are here under their freewill.

During my break period on Friday, I had my web browser open with LucasForums. My professor thought the site was cool, but he even thought the ads were not appropriate. His logic was based upon one simple factor: Lucas & Star Wars selling sex. Personally, I know that is not the case, but the ads do have a sense of sexuality that should not be connected to a Lucas name. One could conclude that Lucas sells Star wars through the use of sensual advertising. Since this site is not owned by Lucas, the ownership connection cannot be made.

I guess the questions are:

Should a site that is geared to 100% Lucas anything contain ads that sell sex? Should a site where people between the ages of 10 to infinity visit have ads that show females as meat? Should the Lucas community hold LucasForums to a higher standard of ethics?

Who knows?

If I owned this type of website, I would edit out the ads that conflict with my ethics. Its all about what type of ethics the LucasForum owner's have. They are the only ones who can answer that question.

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