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To me, it's a simple deal. Sex ads cause more money to be spilled into the budget of LF, period. Tja, and what jmac said. Gee. Girls have vaginas, boys have penises. Some have both. Get over it.

Originally Posted by Ambrose
16 year olds such as myself who'd prefer that my attention could be kept on the forums and not the hormone-induced interest in a hot lady on a banner to my right.
So (A) why don't you just do that and focus on the forum? (C) Additionally, in order to help you with keeping your focus maintained, you could make use of ad-blockers, and in case of nasty UGO imagery (which provides almost 99% if not 100% of nudity here) deactivate flash for your browser. Oh, (B) just make the window smaller so the ads are not visible.

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