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The jolt of the escape pod crash landing was enough to bring Alixe to conciousness, her eyes slowly focusing on the only other occupant; herself, some thirty years before. Alixe backed away from the clone, instinct saying to kill her but she forced herself to back down.
"I imagine you have a lot of questions." Alixe had no reply, who the woman was obvious and the how of it happening, she guessed, must have been the same as how Palpatine was able to generate the Empire so quickly. "I have one that I need to know."
"You are with the Empire," Alixe stated flatly. The clone gave an affirmative nod.
"Yes, I am. And one of your allies have been called here to find you."
"Jan?" Alixe pondered what Imperial forces might be waiting for her. "Were you responsible for it?"
"What's important is the people who sent you." Instead of giving an answer Alixe tried another tact. She didn't want to hurt the clone, maybe she could delay her.
"How was this possible?" she wanted to know.
"Me being cloned from you?" The clone pondered the question for a moment. "Hoth I think. We were able to find the genetic blueprint from there." Alixe noticed that the clone spoke diffirently.
"And the woman you called here, she thought you were me?" She watched as the hatch of the escape pod was kicked open.
"Mustn't have picked up on it." Anger coursed through Alixe's body at what was done and she lunged at the clone. "Hold it." A blaster was shoved right into Alixe's nose. "You can save her. Yourself as well." But Alixe wasn't being cooperative and tried to grab the clone, who sidestepped and watched Alixe tumble into the sand. "Listen to reason," she told her, "I'm giving you the opportunity to save your life and the life of your comrade."
"Yeah?" Alixe spat, sand flying out from her clenched teeth. "How is that?"
"The Rebel forces that sent you here. When the Imperials take you prisoner they will torture you for the information anyway." Alixe kicked at the clone but hit nothing but air.
"Let them, I will not give them a thing no matter what they do." The clone reacted by firing, the stun ray sending Alixe into unconciousness again. The old woman wasn't going anywhere for a while.
"Looks like this is Korriban," the clone mused after a moment, looking at the ruins. Seeing as this was an ancient Sith world she thought it might be worth having a look around.
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