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Ok, so I think it's pretty obvious what the jig is here.
I am all for more content. Yes it makes the game more valueable in replayability, yes it keeps an entertaining drive, and yes it can obviously be done. What that story amounts to, and how it is brought about should be the real drive behind the games conception I think.

What strange and puzzling things could happen, the different turns it could take, not necessarily trailing dead ends, yet determination ends. Kind of like silouhetting how to navitgate through dialogue. The difference between quick and dirty, or full and flavorful would be intuitively obvious, and each conjecture point of the plot, main and side alike, can all interplay inside of the story.
And what I'm hoping, is plenty of time and context to be a jedi, as such, to train various student jedi. That would appease me mightily.

EDIT: And though I realize the two games in comparison I am about to mention, are varied in sotryline and gameplay executions, they are both in the same in that they can compliment eachother in cross characteristic tapping.
Kotor, could do well to have as much playability as manageable. I believe this as I am a huge fan of epic games, and that is why Elder Scrolls 3, and four(second to three) are games I love, sponsoring as much as, get ready;
500+ hours of gameplay. Despite being subject to gameplay styles and methods.

Jedi are going mad, chaos is ensuing everywhere!!! And all this time the masters were still trying to piece together how you get the handle to just stay on the belt! A drunk jedi is always up for a good fight!!!
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