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Sith Master: Master, I don't exactly know how. But i sence Korriban again. It looks like something rebuilt it. But that's impossible.

Darth Aap: With the force, nothing is impossible. You know that. But if you'r right, then the legend about Korriban is true. It was said that Korriban can't be destroyed. The dark energy's of spirits like Naga Sadow's, and other great dark lord keep the sith graveyard intact. Even if it is destroyed, it will regenerate.
But i'm very happy to hear this. It will take a while before someone notices its revival cause everyone is distracted by this out of control war. But once all threats are destroyed, i'll resettle there.

Darth Aap and the 5 Masters arrived at Dagobah for their final plan. They send a message to the Jedi that thousands of sith have been revived at Dagobah.

Darth Aap: Now we wait
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