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Originally Posted by RedHawke
I miss THACO, and my glorious negative AC ratings. It encouraged using math and having to think, unlike the dumbed down lame D20 system. Not to mention the lameness that D20 calls "Feats" weapon skills are not feats. Example: Two Weapon Fighting is a learned 'skill' not a feat. Ambidexterity, now that's a 'feat'. But I digress.
Oh, don't get me started. D20-bashing is a particular hobby-horse of mine. Not that it's a particularly terrible system, but it was hopelessly outdated when it hit the streets and has NOTHING to do with the (A)D&D games.

And yes, I still have my 1st Ed. AD&D player's handbook. Didn't use it so much, though - I was more of a 2e nerd for many years. Heck, I still run a 2e game, which the old gaming gang won't let us quit. Maybe I'm just an old-timer in this regard, but I've never been so swayed by the whole d20/3e thing. The worst part is really all the new feats/spells/classes they keep dreaming up in every new bloody supplement. That smells far too much like munchkin fanboy to me, and not in a good way either...

Besides, you can't even get people enraged about D&D anymore. It was much better in the old days, when we were devilworshippers just for having tried that infernal game

Honestly, there are so pretty strange people out there with some rather odd ideas. Have you seen any of Jack Chick's stuff? That man needs help... Seriously! I mean just look at it:

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