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Kateri remained silent at the mention of weapon improvements and looked decidedly uncomfortable at the mention of horses. Nevertheless, she knew that if she declined a horse, she would slow her companions. Unwilling to do that, she headed for the stables. Just as she was about to inform the stable master of her need for a horse, he spoke.

"You need a horse," he said. "I know. I am also familiar with your unfamiliarity with them. Therefore, you need one that knows what to do with a rider who doesn't know what do do with it!"

"Something like that," Kateri grumbled. With a smile, the stable master led her to a horse that had already been prepared.

"She is called Katerina," he said. "Not entirely unlike your name."

"A variant of it," Kateri agreed, nervously approaching the horse. As she came closer, the horse turned its head to look at her.

"She won't hurt you," the stable master encouraged.

"Are you speaking to me or the horse?" Kateri grumbled. The stable master laughed.

"To you," he answered. It took a few minutes, but Kateri was finally seated on Katerina... and looking decidedly uncomfortable up there. The horse moved slowly at first, allowing Kateri to adjust to the movement. Finally, the made it back to the rest of the group.

Kateri muttered something in her own language under her breath.

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