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"Where do we look?" ask UrieMan.

"According to the map Analyzer Guy gave us, he is usually seen at the park." said DarkRyter.

"Guys. We got trouble" said Spideyo as he pointed out a few elites following them.

Spideyo and Urieman were able to beat about 3 of them while ordinary Man's laser vision clone and Zell took out the remaining ones.

"Looks like there are still some guys after us." said Ordinaryman.

"We can expect more. We're wanted in the villain community.' said LightRyter.

"Well, I'm tired and it's getting late. Lets get back to the RV and get some rest. We can look for tech tomorrow" said DarkRyter.

"Hey can I ask you something" said Daving.

"Sure. what?" said DarkRyter.

"What is with that mask?"

"Oh that. It's the avatar of my inner rage and bloodthirst. When I where it it increases all my attribute, most of all aggression.It's like the black suit from Spiderman. I'm not the only one who can where it. If ,say, Spideyo wore it, it would be absorbed into his own black suit, and have the same effects. If you wore it, your sonic powers would be enought to obliterate the city alone. And not to mention what happens if orinary man wore it."

"Wow. I would want to wear it, but after seeing what you did when you wore it, I might think twice." said Spideyo.

"I never wear the mask unless I am in ultimate mortal danger." said DarkRyter as they went to the RV.

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