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Originally Posted by RedHawke
There weren't any "tables" THACO was To Hit AC 0, so if you had a thaco of 10 then you would hit an ac of 1 on a 9, an ac of -1 on an 11... simple. Simpler on the GM as well since your players could tell you the ac they hit, IMO anyway. The DM/GM had all the 'tables'.
I told you it'd been a long time....20 years is quite awhile to remember these details.
Well, I knew the definition of THAC0 --it's possible that I was thinking of tables for something else then. If I still have my books, they're in some boxes in the basement. I'll have to see if I can find them now. I may actually have the SW RPG.
Originally Posted by RedHawke
There was an RPG made about James Bond... now if you ever want to talk about an RPG with a bunch of tables.
I preferred Car Wars with all the catalogs. I loved all the different colors of paint you could throw on other cars--red, blue, green, yellow, white, black, purple, fluorescent orange, lime green, peacock blue, metallic gold, a mauvey shade of pinky-russet....`

Originally Posted by RedHawke
I never liked using miniatures... description only was always more fun, and with the correct 'atmosphere' in the room it could be epic.
I prefer it that way myself especially since that's what we did in college and I have fond memories of great times with my friends imagining my shape-shifting (raccoon) bushi getting into all sorts of trouble. However, my kids are far more concrete at this point in life, so play is really different. It's a pain to have to blow up the maps and it takes up a lot more space on the table. But if it means our kids can play with us, it works for me. I can picture strategy and tactics in my head, but they can't at age 9 and 6. My daughter, believe it or not, does play more than I expected. At first she just liked rolling the dice and moving the character around on the board. Now she actually makes her character talk. Granted it's in a terribly cheesy fake British accent, but it's the thought that counts.

Originally Posted by RedHawke
They are the same stats as the old D&D?
Monster stat blocks--probably close to the same info, just organized in an easier to read format. I have no idea if the stats are the same for monsters between 2 and 3.5 or not. That's what the books are for--so I don't have to memorize that stuff.
Originally Posted by RedHawke
If you mean the simplistic formulaic attribute bonuses (+1 for every 2 points past 10), that doesn't really work... it simplifies the game yes, but it makes it less by doing so.
Having a fighter with a Str of 20+ used to really mean something it was not commonplace (You would need an item, a divine 'gift', or have found and studied the 2 different stat tomes/mauals to do so)... now in D20 every fighter above level 8 easily has that.
That is one thing I'd agree with you on for sure--I remember it being a lot tougher to get to that level, too, and you had to work hard to find magic items. I'm using some published campaigns to get used to the 3.5 system (and because I'm plain rusty in the DM department). I've had to max the hp of the monsters in our campaign because it was just too easy otherwise using the average. I also feel like it's a little too easy to level up, but that could be because a. we're playing very low level characters, and b. I'm rusty.

Originally Posted by RedHawke
The D20 system is an ok system for possibly trying to hook kids on the idea of playing RPG's, it is a simple-er game system to learn (I do know of some far simpler ones though that are good 'learner' games), but D20 will never be D&D for me. If I play (A)D&D it is Second Edition all the way.
There's nothing saying people can't play earlier editions. It wouldn't be that hard to convert the information in all these new books into something compatible to AD&D. Granted not everything is going to be adjustable, but most would be.

Originally Posted by RedHawke
To me D20 is 'the' game for the ADD Button-Mashing Console Kiddies, it is much more a short attention span game.
In defense of the system though, if you're fairly new to the game, 3.5 gets you into gaming a lot faster than 2 did. We still have to look things up in the books, but not as much as i remember when learning AD&D. We're not getting bogged down too often with rules, and the couple times we have I just made a temporary ruling and we went on and I checked it out later. It's freed us up to do more 'pretend' and role-playing--which is what it's supposed to be all about. However, I've never been one (not saying you are, either) to allow the rules to get in the way of the story.

I still haven't admitted to my pastor that I play D&D. And we go to that church every week. I wouldn't hide it from him, but I figure what he doesn't know won't hurt anyone.

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