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Originally Posted by Jae Onasi
Well, the point isn't to block the ads since that defeats their purpose.
For me it is the point, as I generally don't like ads, especially not those UGO ones, naked or not, these are just stupid.

Also there is nothing wrong if parents make sure their kids don't get exposed to sexual-content-ads or other ads. Why should a 12 year old handle ads for The Abdominator, The Push-Stepper, The Step-Pusher, The Super Diet Formula X, Extended Ultra X Diet Formula, The Evangelic Muslims Church, and my favourite: Barbie.

There's nothing wrong with limiting sexual content on a site that attracts children.
Yaaauup. I guess that is exactly why we have threads with this topic like every 3 months, and every time it goes: "We are not responsible for those ads." I'd like to translate that as follows: "They pay enough so we don't really wanna care."

I don't know what UGO is paying, but it must be enough to keep LF from switching to companies advertising with more PG-13 compatible stuff. See, it is not *me* who says LF is PG-13, it is LF itself. But the advertising I am seeing every time I come here is clearly NOT rated PG-13. 13 year old children don't need to "see more of Laura" or "zoom in for celebrity exclusive". The problem ain't nudity, it is stupidity.

Since I visit LF I've seen no single DELL/intel/nVidia/ATI ad here. No OS ads, no Game ads, no Flakey Flake ads, no McDonalds ads, no Google ads, no Denim ads, no Sneaker ads, no Sports ads, no PS/XBOX/DS ads, no HiFi ads, no multimedia ad, no magazine (tech, scifi, comics ) ads. Just crappy UGO things like "see more Laura and other", "vote for miss entertainment", "oops she did it again time machine", aaaand "celebrity wardrobe malfunction".

I mean.. In a Sci-Fi based forum with tons of young computer users who like gaming, music, tech, fashion.

FAIL, I say.

Oh, and by my anatomy lesson, I was addressing this:
Originally Posted by Ambrose
and 16 year olds such as myself who'd prefer that my attention could be kept on the forums and not the hormone-induced interest in a hot lady on a banner to my right.
Why bother us if he's got a problem in admitting that he likes the female anatomy?

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