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I am beginning to think about it this way:

Have our troops leave Iraq. Why? If the Iraqis want freedom and stability, they will fight for it when under pressure. If they do not want freedom, that is not my problem. I do not think we should die for a country where people do not fight for themselves. Living in the United States gives me a unique perspective. If you look at US history, you will find that our freedom comes from a wanting. We desired certain freedoms that Europe did not want to give us, so we came to a new world. Once we started to become stabble, British military tired to take our freedoms away. Since we desired our freedom and liberties, we picked up arms and started to fight.

If we stay in Iraq for too much longer, the Iraqi people will not pick up arms. They need to stand on their own two feet, they need to fall, and then they need to rise for their own freedoms and liberties. If they cannot do this on their own, that is their own problem. Period.
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