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Originally Posted by darkecho05
And what exactly have you done that this issue makes it your problem? mm? because you're an American?
I'm Canadian. This falls under the fallacy of Guilt by Association (you're the enemy because you're American), Converse Accident (you generalise that Americans think this way), Complex Question (generalising that being American makes one personally responsible) and an attempt of Poisoning the Well (his view isn't valid because he's American.) Using your logic should we put the blame for deaths in Iraq on all Muslims because Iraqi, Suuni, Shi'ite and Al Qaeda terrorists are having at it? If not you are also guilty of Special Pleading, dressing yourself up to appear that you are not to be subjected to the judgement you level at others.

Originally Posted by darkecho05
I've my roots in Iraq, which makes me an Iraqi.
But your profile says you're from Sweedan, which makes this Non Sequiter.

Originally Posted by darkecho05
I've read in so many posts all around the web...

Unless you can back up these quotes with conclusive evidence this is Ad Hominem as well as a Strawman. Throw in Special Pleading as well because it would seem you believe it is alright for it to be done to Amercan soldiers (which is false) and not the other way around, for American soldiers to do it (even falser).

Originally Posted by darkecho05
So hey, American, your people caused this mess, now they will fix it.
This moves away from debating the topic and instead levels the attack at the person, Ad Hominem. It is also Questionable Cause (the uprising of violence occured when Saddam was ousted from power, so therefore America must be held responsible rather than Sunnis Shi'ites and Al Qaeda), and Guilt by Association (blaming any American for Bush's decision to invade Iraq and the soldiers fighting for him).

And I hope the mods don't think this is overstepping the line but given your last statement I feel it nessecary. The worldwide forces against terrorism; which is what you have stated to become, a terrorist, are second to none. From America's Special Operations Force Detatchment Delta to Canada's Joint Task Force, from Great Britain's Special Air Service to Germany's Grenzschutzgruppe 9, from Russia's Spetznaz to Israel's Isayeret, their lives and their goals are centred on the hunting down and killing of terrorists, who you have said that you want to become. I happen to know quite a bit about the GSG-9 as well as the Army Rangers, including what they do to terrorists, both the tactics used to kill them and what happens to those they capture. Picture 24 or the Punisher for a taste of what to expect if you do follow through with your desire to become a terrorist. So with that in mind, I am begging you to join up with them. I'm just saddened that I wouldn't get the chance to see you captured alive, if you're lucky. Abu Ghraib is nothing compared to what I would do to people with the opinions and the attitude you have displayed here.
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