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*Okoe Kithoran's fleet destroyed all opposition at Rattatack, so then they hyperspaced to Yavin IV, there were Serenity class ships surrounding the planet, ready to obliterate it if they discovered Imperials or Sith there.*

*Okoe* I sence Luke Skywalker is in danger there, padawan, come, we need to rescue him.*

*Padawan* Okay.

*So they flew down there to find Luke Skywalker and save him from a certain doom.*

*Okoe* Why don't we start there, at that Imperial Command Center there.

*They reached the gate.*

*Elite Stormtrooper* Halt! I need to see your Identification Card.

*Okoe* You don't need to see my identification.

*Elite Stormtrooper* I don't need to see your identification.

*Okoe* Go on ahead.

*Elite Stormtrooper* Go on ahead.

*Imperial Command Center comm* Moff Gnarish, two individuals are here to speak with you.

*Moff Gnarish* Who are you?

*Okoe* I am Okoe Kithoran, leader of the Kithoran Alliance, I am here to free Luke Skywalker.

*Moff Gnarish, who had his arms behind his back pressed a small button on his wristband* Give me a reason to let him go.

*Okoe* Reason one: I'm a Jedi and reason two: there are about one hundred ships in orbit above the planet that can and will destroy the planet if I say so.

*Moff Gnarish* Hmmm.... Interesting, well I'm sorry to say a feeble Jedi won't last long against my troops that should be arriving..... now.

*Gnarish pulled out a blaster and pointed it at Okoe Kithoran, surrender, Jedi.

*Okoe* I'm sorry, I'm afraid that's not an option, too bad you don't know much about Jedi.

*Okoe used the force without using his hand to gesture it, he destroyed the pistol and threw the moff against the wall, knocking him out.*

*Elite Stormtroopers broke in through the windows, rifles in hand, and pointed them at Okoe Kithoran and his padawan.*

*Okoe* you never learn, do you?

*Okoe used the force and knocked them all against the ceiling, then used their blasters against them and wounded them all, enough so they wouldn't be a problem but not enough to kill them.*

*So the two tore through the command center and rescued the unconcious Luke Skywalker and brought him back to the command ship.*

*Okoe recalled the Serenity class ships and then hyperspaced all of them to the remains of Korriban, he felt something wrong there.*

Man, this roleplaying stuff is still just as much fun as it was when we first started, keep up the good story guys, be back when I can!

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