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Jan Ors could see the Rebel ships that had been sent explode around her, the Imperials taking out the fleet sent to engage after Alixe was meant to have sabotaged the ship she was on.
"Alixe, come in." Jan tried to fly the shuttle where the Rebel fighters could cover her. "Alixe do you copy?" The lack of response troubled her. Clearly she wasn't able to complete her mission. Something must have happened. Giving up Jan tried another frequency. "She's not here. The fleet's still active."
"We have been appempting to contact Sergeant Medcraft with instructions on how to complete her mission, but had lost contact." Jan tried to listen while she concentrated on flying.
"She said she would wait." Jan began to ponder the possility that Alixe did not make it and wondered how long she would be able to hold out before having to retreat.


The clone was looking around the ruins of Korriban, bits and pieces of Sith legend she remembered going through her mind while she waited for the Empire to send someone to pick her up. The heat beat down from the blue sky, not oppressive like Tattoine, the real source of heat came from deep underneath the sand she walked on, deep below the volcanic lakes provided something of a natural energy source for the planet. Many of the people who came here however sought a diffirent kind of power. The clone began to wonder what to do with Alixe. Obviously she had to get the information she needed, one way or another, and wanted to do it before the Imperials had a go. But there was nothing that she could do for a while. Idly she kicked at the sand, looking about the ruins that had been built thousands of years ago. Tombs, if she remembered correctly, standing tall and probably not so proud. Succeeded by newer structures the old ruins had seen better days. The only other thing of notice was a large crevice. The clone wandered over to it, glancing at the computer to see that there was no sign of a rescue yet. The idea of hiding inside some Sith tomb for shelter didn't particularly appeal. Neither did returning to Alixe; if she grew tired and the commando woke up...the clone looked down into the crevice, seeing what looked like a cave amongst some deep jagged rocks. She figured that was her best option, carefully making the climb down and to her surprise saw that it actually led into some type of underground tomb, well maybe it was above ground once before. The clone wondered if this had been discovered, it was sure to have been she thought. A roar from behind however indicated that this place hadn't been disturbed by human hands for some time. Turning around the clone saw a huge, scary looking beast looming towards her. She raised her pistol before thinking it useless, turned, and ran into the tomb, looking as though it had been preserved in time for thousands of years. Once inside the clone spun to close the doors when they closed behind her automatically. She began to look for a way out once the monster had gone when she sensed something behind her.
"It can't be, after all these many centuries." The clone spun on her heel to see a woman, some type of glow around her, the robes she wore making who she was unmistakable.
"A Jedi?" Careful not to make any sudden moves the clone slowly walked towards her, a hand outstretched. "Here?" The Jedi made no move against her, instead she studied the clone closely until her hand passed right through. The Jedi sensed her thoughts before the clone spoke them. "This is too weird." She edged away from the Jedi, the Force Ghost she now realised, trying to make sense of it all.
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