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Questions about armor

I'm just courious about a couple things.

1) There are 3 types of Maurader armor on TC, recon, battle and assault. Yet we only have battle on live servers. Will the other two types ever make it as craftable items on a live server?

2) Will armor gloves and boots ever get sockets? I ask this because it seems no one wears them anymore. Without them being able to take SEA's no one cares about them, same with the armor belts. There are those that do and maybe would like to wear crafted faction armor in PVP. Yet if we wear a "full suit" unless it is GCW reward armor. We're at a disadvantage. Was just courious if this is being thought of or maybe the possiblity of adding a slot to the armor belts that can take a PSG or SEA. That would allow the armor piece to be worn. Which has no value, and get the protection of the PSG without losing the appearance of the complete armor set.

3) When if ever will the servers with a the bugged Bestine Museum ever get fixed? Without this feature it is imposible to make the paintings currently in the gane that are craftable unless you want to play some ungodly amount to actually get a schem for one.

Thanks if you ever answer this.
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