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Originally Posted by Ctrl_Alt_Del
Ah, guess I haven't seen a phrase being repeated so many times in any forum. And I agree with them: THE LONGER THE BETTER!
Well, I don't. I don't mind length, but its not a quality in itself. Cameron's longer versions of both Aliens and The Abyss are definitely better. The same with the extended editions of Lord of the Rings. Titanic is longer than Aliens or The Abyss, however, but it drags on horribly (you really stick with it only because you know the iceberg is waiting ahead...).

I wouldn't mind a long game, but the plot needs to justify it, which can be a tall order. Throwing stuff into the plot may seem easy enough, but you can't let any game/movie/book/whatever drag out for too long without pushing the plot ahead. Even in the existing games, it can be annoying at times. I mean, in the first you're looking for the starmaps, and it's painfully obvious that the plot won't move much forward until you've found them all. In TSL it's similar with finding the jedi masters. They try to spice it up by throwing in cutscenes with Malak and so, but it really is no substitute for just moving ahead in the plot. Had there been two starmaps or even jedi masters more, many of us would probably not be here because we would have been bored to tears.

Don't underestimate the danger in dragging out the plot - it can happen very, very quickly.

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