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The Assassin explored the remaining ruins of Dreshdae and the old Sith Academy. He absolutly despised the sith. Their coruption and cruelty was their failure, and this was the cause of habital temporary extinction. The Jedi weren't so different than the Sith.

The reason the Assassin was sent down to Korriban was to find an intergalactic criminal who stole priceless artifacts and governmental technology. This hoodlum recently stole a prototype shield generator, which was designed to absorb blaster fire and use the bolts of energy to power the machine. The disadvantages were that if it was shot repeatadly at an extremely fast pace, then the shield could overload and deactivate. A weapon that could accomplish this would be a Light-Repeating Blaster Rifle.

Though it was a prototype, the Assassin was sent to Korriban to eliminate the thief and destroy the shield generator. He used his keen force senses to locate the thief... he was inside the old academy.
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