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*Korriban had somehow reconstructed itself*

*Okoe* Okay..... hmmm, I need to investigate this myself.....

*Okoe's shuttle flew down to Korriban, near where Alixie was*

*Okoe started looking around, using the force to feel where the closest and largest force aura was*

*Okoe* a crevice in a stone wall.... interesting.

*he walked towards the crevice*

*Okoe* hmmm.... wait, what's this?

*he saw a handprint in the sandy dust next to the crevice, with footprints leading to the crevice*

*Okoe Kithoran* veeeery interesting....

*Okoe took out his lightsaber in case he needed it, then he felt two lifeforms via force, he ventured into the crevice, opened the door, walked in, looking around him for anything, he heard what sounded like a woman's cry farther down, so he ran towards it, when he was about 10 m away from the woman he saw the second lifeform (the creature the clone Alixie saw) jump her*

*Okoe ran over towards the two, thinking that the clone was the real Alixie, killed the creature*

*Okoe* Alixie? you look..... younger, and why are you here?

*Alixie* Ummmm...... *then Alixie clone thought that the real Alixie must've met this guy and he thinks that she was the real Alixie* I-I was on a shuttle here, then the Imperials jumped me while I was still in space and when I landed I had just enough time to get out of the shuttle before they blew it apart.

*Okoe senced something unusual about her, and being a jedi master that survived order 66 and the Unknown Regions for over two decades knew better than to fully trust Alixie(who was the clone)*

*Okoe* well, come back with me to my shuttle, I'll take you back to the Rebel Alliance.

*Clone Alixie* Alright, thanks.

*So Okoe brought Clone Alixie onto his ship, not knowing of the trouble she'll be later*

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