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Ah, the Iraq-related threads always seem to pop up, don't they. That's a good thing, the issue needs to be discussed.

There is an assumption routinely made that we (the US and UK) are doing more good than harm by remaining in Iraq. Sadly, this is an assumption without basis in fact, as far as I can tell.

We are of course a focus for violence in Iraq. Those Iraqis who collaborate with our puppet Iraqi government become the targets of extremists, and our presence as an occupying invading force provides a great deal of political ammunition to those who wish to incite violence against those targets.

The fact is that we immorally butchered Iraq. Not merely in this most recent illegal invasion, but over years and years with bombings, economic sanctions and wars. Our presence in Iraq is always going to be a thorn in the side of peace.

Add to this the fact that we provide little or no security for Iraqis even in the tiny "green zone" where we hold the most sway, and frankly the conclusion is obvious. We are doing more harm than good through our presence as an occupying force. We're not stopping violence, we're creating violence. We're not providing security for the Iraqi people, we're endangering them. Therefore we should leave.

Of course, though interesting, this is all moot. The Iraqi people don't want us there as an occupying force, according to polls conducted by our own governments from 2004 to 2006. And since the Iraqi people are the victims... OUR victims, THEIR wishes should be honoured. We have no right to make this decision, end of story. Just end of story.

Does a man who invades your home have the right to decide whether to stay or leave? Of course he doesn't. We don't have that right either.

I'd like to vote in the thread poll too, but the options don't make any sense.

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