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Leon eyes closed the sleep he had been fighting off finally taking hold of him all went black apart from a single red light in the shape of a blade in the distance. Leon looked around as on his right side more red blades joined the other and on his left green and blue lights also looking like blades appearing.

Slowly the place began to light up revealing the faces of Monika, Alexander, JJ, Darrick Jenkins and himself amongst the green and blue blades of light now protruding from steel rods held in the hands. Leon blinked the light almost blinding on his left side but on his right side the light was dimmer still bright enough to reveal the same faces only... they were different. They looked scarred pale full of hatred both groups stared at each other or were they looking at him?

"There will come a time when this very battle will happen within you," Tulak said suddenly appearing on his right a more fuzzy figure apeared of Bastila as if she was just a image not there. Tulak ignited his lightsaber its scarlet blade adding to the others as the image of Bastila ignited her own yellow blade. Tulak began to laugh and pointed his lightsaber at the opposite group and so both groups charged getting closer and closer to Leon until... There was nothing.

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