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*Okoe Kithoran on comm with commanding Engineer* How's progress coming on the Serenity class ships?

*Engineer* Well, sir, though the plating is being mined slowly, as it's not common metal, believe me when I say we're building as fast as possible.

*Okoe* I do. What about the other ships? Medical ships and whatnot.

*Engineer* They're doing well, about 25 ships a day.

*Okoe* Good. Okoe Kithoran over and out.

*End transmission*

*Okoe Kithoran* Hmmm, time to contact Alixie.

*Okoe Kithoran on hidden communicator with Alixie (he put one onto Alixie when they were going to kill the Emperor a few days earlier without her realising it)* Alixie! Come in, this is Okoe Kithoran, you must be wondering where my voice is coming from, if you look you will find a small little communicator on your left leg near your boot.

*Half of Alixie was thinking that it was the "inner demons" speaking and the other half thought she might be crazy* What? go to hell you freaking devils!

*Okoe in a calming voice* I feel what you're feeling, fight it, take a deep breath, and sit down.

*Alixie fell down, half of her sat down and the other half was trying to do anything but sit down*

*Okoe using the force* I will calm down myself.

*Alixie* I--calm---.......

*Okoe* calm down.

*Alixie* c-cal-calm down......

*Okoe* There is nothing wrong.

*Alixie* There is.... nothing... wrong....

*Okoe* You will take a deep breath and clear you mind.

*Alixie took a not very deep breath and managed to clear part of her mind up*

*Okoe not using force* Now, how do you feel?

*Alixie* I feel.... OK....

*Okoe* Good, I went through almost the exact same thing at the end of the Clone Wars, a normal individual would not have been able to calm theirself for days.

*Alixie* and how am I not normal?

*Okoe* I sence the force within you, Alixie. I knew I felt something within you when we first met.

Nancy Allen'', if you feel I'm taking more control than I should of your character I'll stop, anyway I'll let you decide the next line, if you want I can erase this Alixie force sensative hidden communicator stuff.

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