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Weird way they entered my server, need help.

I need help again, got only few details on it.
I had my none mod server runing like more then 1 year, safe and secured, virus scanner and firewall installed, also updated Windows XP.
I can say for sure am kind of very safe and i am a "System Administrator".
Someone got the password to my server and started to change timelimits and map and so on.
I changed the password, and restarted the server.
He got back in and downloaded the server.cfg file. How can you download server.cfg ?
It gets weirder, i went to the base folder, i know which files exists there, but there was 1 file that got there some how and i dont know how it got there.
file was called 1.cfg and had a different rconpassword and alot of other settings too.
I turned off Allowdownload, i deleted the 1.cfg file and i renamed the server.cfg to something something.
If this helps, then do the same as i did. If it doesnt help, report and i will also keep an eye on my server too and report bugs.
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