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The jedi rushed for Dagobah as they got Darth Aaps message about the sith lords that have awakend.

Darth Aap: How far are they.

Sith Master: All jedi have been deployed, or are in orbit.

Darth Aap: It is time then. I do hope we get out of here in time.

Sith Masters: We will stay behind and make shure the explosion succeeds.

Darth Aap: But, why.

Sith Masters: We are revived corpses. We won't be alive much longer, and dying while taking all jedi with us is the most honorable death we can imagine.

Darth Aap: So be it. Farewell. You were great helps.

Darth Aap got in the cloacked fighter and hyperspaced away. The masters tossed the artifact inside the energy core.

Jedi: What the hell is that.

The core exploded and took out Dagobah, The entire jedi army exept Okoe who didn't receive the message, and 7 other systems close to dagobah. Darth Blaze who was traveling to Endor saw a ball of light in the distance as he watched the direction of the explosion.

Darth Blaze: My masters plan has succeeded. Guess i'll go search him

Darth Blaze programmed a new route and hyperspaced to meet Darth Aap.

Kithoran officer: Sir, We lost communication with 8 systems for some reason. All in the southern galaxy. And we're also unable to contact any jedi at all.

Okoe: This can't be good...
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