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I remember one Pacificon game where one of the pre-made characters I was handed to play was a Paladin (with a 5 Int). The group made elaborate plans for how we were going to go into the dragons cave and kill it, they prepped for almost 2 hours (these people were good in every detail, even sent the Rogue in to scout the place out, much role-playing went on). My Pally's job was vital to get the dragons attention allowing the casters and rogue to get surprise attacks (the one vital flaw in all their plans is they never told me when to do this and didn't take my low Int into account) so after all that planning we went in and I got an Int check and failed miserably so lo and behold before anyone could get into place my Pally started to do his job and shouted...

Dragon! Oh Dragon!

The party wipe was spectacular! Oh and the Paladin lived!

There is another one where our group was fighting a Forgotten Realms Wyrm Red Dragon and during the combat our fighter lost his weapon and the dragon was performing a coup' de' gras on him by lowering her head to him and taking a victory gloat before roasting him alive. He did something... rash... when she did that he reached out and kissed her... she failed her save and immediately flew away. (Unbeknownst to our fighter she had never had that happen and became somewhat smitten/facinated by the fighter).

Afterward beautiful crimson haired elf would follow the party around at a discreet distance and every once in a while that Red Dragon or Elf would come out of nowhere and 'protect' the fighter even though that 'protection' included bar maids, princesses and the like.

"Beware the form-fitting black armor-clad Drow hottie with twin Mineral II Greensteel Khopeshes!"
"Liella d'Orien says, '"You're the fool, Devil. -- Witness the power of this fully ARMED and OPERATIONAL Titan!"'"
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