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**OOC: I don't control other people's characters like that, and I do have some long term force sensitive\Jedi plans though not with Alixe (think the clone, Korriban and a long dead Jedi) but more or less whatever you think wprks well.**

As Alixe's mind cleared it made her think that someone the likes of Mara Jade could affect her but this...Jedi?...could. Maybe it was because she was actually prepared to listen.
"The Force is everywhere," Alixe said by way of explanation, "far as I understand from my time with Jedi." Force, but it was good that there was someone friendly for a change, and a remnent from the Clone Wars at that. "I thought you were all wiped out." She hoped she managed to convey in her voice that she was greatful they weren't. There was so much she wanted to say, from her discovery of Anakin's massecre of the Jedi Younglings to the fact that Korriban, being a Sith world, was an odd place for Jedi, even though paradoxically the planet seemed to draw them here throughout the millinnia. "Sense the Force huh?" she repeated, deciding to deal with what she thought was most important. "Uh, no offense, but maybe you should look again." She'd spent enough time before the Clone Wars to know the last place for her was the Jedi and anything to do with their magic and powers.
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