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Emukiel returned to the group and glanced back at the building infront of them.
"They were observing our moves right from the start. You should know that strategy better than any of us, huh?" Emukiel noted to Uie'Sha, showing that he would keep giving him hell now that he disappointed the Weequay Jedi in their short private duel. Feirod walked to them and the two Jedi standing beside each others clipped their now shut down lightsabers on their belts. The Equine looked at the group and nodded with approval. He was honored to be included in such a group's struggle.

Emukiel saw that everyone had gathered together again and shook his head slowly.
"They are doing something horrible in there. The crystals they use are synth crystals made by a Sith defeated ages ago. I do not know if this is the same Sith, an apprentice that has learned the method from a decending line of masters going up to the Sith or a Dark Jedi that has learned from a holocron how to make such a synth crystal. But nonetheless, we are not in good odds against these crystals. Use the Force as much as you can and when you get into a duel, avoid having long contacts between the blades at all costs. If you are familiar with the form Sokan, use it to your best advantage" Emukiel said and looked at the building again with a worried look

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