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Imperial: Sir, we have got contact with the planet korriban? do you think it could of easily repaired itself?

Imperial: Well the force has always has the ability to suprise people maybe its the dark side aura that keeps it intact

Imperial: Should we go back and blow it up

Imperial: No point it wil just repair just start shooting the tedies ok

Imperial: Activate all frusters

Imperial: I said to blow up the tedy bears

Imperial: Im not the imperial that you think l am

Imperial: Wha

Imperial traitor: Continue frusters

Imperial: What how did (shoots him) he is so dum you wernt listening wernt you soldiers

Stormtrooper: We were telling you it was him

Imperial: Um sorry

Stormtrooper: Whatever

(bada bang bada bomb to the little tedies ok)

Imperial: Woo Hoo and also get rid of the body

Stormtrooper: Ok

cool it will be great if you go on star wars galaxies l hope you do get a better conection ok see ya

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