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The Seren known only as Asa stepped in between them, facing Orpheus as Tulak continued out. "You forced your way into the order, Master Morbi÷us demanded that we follow Tulak Hord's orders... if you wish to work with us then work with us and follow suit..." she physically was not intimidating, with a thin build and standing only around five-foot-six, though behind the perpetual shadow under her hood there lay a foreboding malice that even Morbi÷us respected. Her words were felt like the icy cold edge of a death threat, ebbing upon the intent to carry out the hidden darkness.


"Has anyone ever told you that you have the uncanny ability to sound like a pre-adolescent human girl?" Uie'Sha commented with a dead-pan face; there was no humor in the remark, he despised it when people held grudges, knowing that he had nothing to prove to the immature ancient.
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