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During the combat Lyla had taken down her oponent quickly. The enemy swung his lightsaber at her to her left in a diagonal slice from his shoulder down to her hip which she parried with her right lightsaber and quickly spun holding her left lightsaber upside down in her hand which she placed swiftly on his stomach and turned the blade on thrusting it through. The man fell dead shortly after loosing the grip on his lightsaber. Lyla used the force to pick the black lightsaber from the ground and with a bit more concentration she separated the lightsaber into pieces which quickly fell to the ground, only the crystal remained hovering in the air which she took in her hand and placed it in her pocket.

After this she walked over to Emukiel and the group.

- "I am worried, something tells me these men where sent here to die" - Lyla said.

- "Indeed, the Seren are not as easy oponents as the ones you just faced, these are scouts. Use by the Seren to build their oponents overconfidence. Afterwards they will send their marauders and weaponmasters, and if they are not enough which they almost always are, they will send the Dominators. These are the most dangerous as they do not fight with their lightsabers, only the force" - a man in a white hood said approaching to the group. He stood a few feet away from them and removed his hood, the long silverhair looked at the group, his grey eyes scanned each and everyone of them and bowed politely. He had been watching the group fight their oponents and it was interesting to see how all of them had different styles. This gave him relief as there seemed to still be diversity among the Jedi.

- "Allow me to introduce myself, I am Juhn-Kai Ryu, ancient member of the Jedi Order and Admiral during the early years of the old republic" - Juhn-Kai said looking now at Emukiel and Strider - "Well, it is nice to see some friendly faces after all these years, how are you Eki, old friend?".


Tulak continued to walk and then glanced back at Orpheus.

- "We cannot let them interfere Lord Orpheus, I must tend to the old masters, take care of the rest of the Jedi. And Asa, I trust you'll take over the dig while I'm busy with our guests, get the vials to Morbi÷us, he'll give you instructions afterwards. Don't let any 'distractions' take your eye off the prize" - Tulak said disappearing in the shadows.

A group of Seren marauders and Weaponmasters were now waiting for the Jedi, these men remained uncloaked but their abilities to remain hidden in the force were greatly developed so they waited in the shadows for the group to make their move.

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