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The Equine jedi looked at the new arrival and bowed deep before straightening up and taking out a small holorecording that he switched on to show the blueprints of the facility they were facing. He would wait until the whole reunion thing was oer before starting to explain the holorecording more precisely.

"Long time no see indeed. Too long. The Council was concerned of your disappearance, Juhn-Kai. I hope you've improved your fighting style since we last fought together" Emukiel said and grinned jokingly while bowing his head as a hello. He then turned serious, his grin fading and look going to the building.
"I think we're up against something we both know, my old friend. I saw these crystals and senced this same shroud back during the Hundred Year Darkness. I believe we're dealing with one of the long line of minions of Morbi÷us. To those of you who keep the crystals, beware from using them. They corrupt you easily. More easily than your ego would like to believe" the Weequay said as he turned to the group and then looked at the blueprints of the building.

Even after a swift glance, he could see there was no safe way inside, but they could create an alternative route by a simple laser cannon shot at one of the walls. As a response to that notice, Emukiel pressed a button on his belt that called his ship to rise from the ocean and meet up with them as swiftly as possible. And so they had a way inside.
"We can bypass the waiting minions. If we manage blast throught this wall here, we get inside hopefully with much less hassle than from the main entrance. And I have just the stuff to do that with. We have some time to plan and get acquainted before my ship gets here. After all, patience is one of the many ways of the Jedi"

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