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"Yes, but I am no Jedi... at least in your eyes..." Uie'Sha smired his relpy, reaching into a hidden utility pouch underneath the rear of his robes, retrieving a small cone-shaped device... It was a breaching charge.

"You'll find I can be horribly resourceful, something one of my late masters tought me was to always carry some form of explosive device, be it for a diversion or if trapped for some reason or another..." ((Such an arsehole, isn't he? ))

The charge was slightly smaller than a clenched human fist, small and compact yet with enough force to vent the atmosphere from a Star Destroyer in seconds. He smiled sheepishly to the newcomer and walked up to the wall section in question, taking particular care in placing the object for both a showy explosion and the most damage.

Walking back to the group, he gestured for everyone to take a few steps backwards as he produced a shiny red remote-button.
A small beep gave the order, an audible-dull thud issued as the thick organic stonework was violently forced inwards, openning up a new door roughly three meters in diameter.

"Does patience teach you that?" Uie'Sha mocked Emukiel, noting that to bring the ship around would further aggrevate their opponents to think that more were on their way to assist the Jedi, using the charge saved time and allowed for a certain amount of surprise. "After you, old man..."


Asa was organizing a large group of younger Seren to help with the dig when the building shook violently for a moment, she checked her wrist-security-interface and noticed the network was down. "The explosion came from the Security chamber, perimeter sensors are down, suspected military insurgents... One of our own was killed when the wall caved in!" a voice came through the crackling link, one of the Weapon Masters.

Her orders wee clear, the large group proceeded to the dig site...
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